Round cut earrings with amethyst (2 stones 0.5 carat each). Hand crafted in the holy land and baptized in Jordan's river holy water.

Amethyst Round Cut Earrings (2 X 0.5 Ct)

Metal Type
  • The purple Amethyst is desired for designer pieces as well as mass-market jewelry. It has been highly coveted throughout the centuries by secular and religious leaders alike. Amethyst's purple hues have long made it a symbol of purity and royalty for rulers, clergymen, and the wealthy.


    This piece of fine jewelry was hand crafted in Holy land by our Expert Jewelers and baptized in Jordan's River Holy Water. To capture the spirit of baptism and feeling of renewal, we carefully immerse our jewelry into sacred and purified holy water at the exact site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. 

  • General

    Height (mm) ~0.5mm (0.2 inches)
    Width (mm) ~0.5mm (0.2 inches)


    Center Stone

    Type Amethyst 
    Shape Round
    Number of stones 2
    Total Carat Weight 1.0
    Color Purple
    Clarity Eye Clean


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